Here Are The Advantages And Features Of The Quay Gantry Crane

Quay container cranes are helpful in many situations where gantry cranes are required for a ship to shore transport. Are you in the business of loading up those container ships? There is the unloading of those intermodal containers, too, and you need the right type of gantry crane to do the job.

You’ve selected the quay gantry crane of course, and that is a type of gantry crane. You have to make sure that you choose the right capacity because you’re lifting some heavy-duty loads. You might be thinking that these gantry cranes use hooks for the containers, but they actually use spreaders. These spreaders are specialized tools that can be used to do the lifting.

common quay gantry crane
common quay gantry crane for sale

Each container has four locking points, and that is where the spreader comes into play. You drop the spreader down to lock onto corner castings. There is a twist and lock mechanism that is used to get the job done. You’re really going to want to take a look at what’s available in terms of quay cranes because some of the newer models have even more features and capabilities.

In fact, you will find out that some of them can lift more than one container at a time. You’re talking about a crane that can lift up to 4 containers at a time. You will want to look into the specifics, but you will find out after talking to manufacturers what you can expect. Dafang heavy machinery company is a professional gantry crane supplier, welcome to visit their factory for more information.

You are discovering more about the features and advantages of they quay gantry cranes, and you are going to see that there are also two main types. There are the high profile quay cranes and the low profile quay cranes. They are each used for specific purposes, so you’re going to want to know which one you need for your operations.

heavy duty quay gantry crane for sale
heavy duty quay gantry crane

You will want to know more about the outreach of the crane you plan to buy, too. For example, one quay crane I’m looking at has an outreach of 25 containers. There are smaller container cranes, too, and again, that’s why you really want to look into what you need to buy. Look at the Panamax, Post-Panamax and the Super-Post-Panamax.

As you might have imagined, the Super-Post-Panamax cranes are the largest of the new crane models out there. You can learn a lot, too, by looking at the history of these gantry cranes and more about the power and operation of them as well. In terms of power, there is the diesel engine powered crane and the electric powered crane.

It helps to know that the electric powered crane is the one that is the most common. In order to choose the right crane, you’re going to really have to think about the loads you are moving. You will want to be sure that you are able to transport those containers from ship to shore. Once you are able to make sure that you can get the job done, you will know you’ve made the right choice as to which crane you plan to buy.

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